The Emory Crew Alumni Association (ECAA) is an organization designed to promote and facilitate the engagement of Emory Crew alumni, affiliated students, friends, faculty and staff with the current team, among each other and the University as a whole. ECAA affiliation includes but is not limited to those who have participated in Emory Crew.

Our primary objectives include:

  • To strengthen the network of Emory Crew alumni, coaches, and friends through our website, newsletters, regattas, and events.
  • To create new programs that provide Emory Crew alumni, coaches and friends the opportunity to remain engaged and connected with Emory Crew student members as well and with each other.
  • To provide support to the current team in cooperation with the student officers to ensure that Emory Crew continues to succeed well into the future.

Join Us!

If you’re an Emory Crew alum, please email us at and let us know your graduation year and when you rowed with us!


We appreciate all alumni support and welcome donations year-round, in addition to our annual fundraisers. All donations are tax deductible.

Gifts will go directly to Emory Crew. Recurring gifts can be set up and are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for supporting Emory Crew!