Emory Crew owes its growth and success in large part to the numerous supporters of the team. This support comes in both motivational and financial forms. While the team relies on donations from many benefactors, it is impossible to measure the value of support received from crowds of parents and friends cheering on the sidelines.

Thank you very much to the those friends and family of Emory Crew that donated to the Buy-A-Plank campaign for our new dock, as well as those who helped fund our Varsity Women’s 8, “The Joy”.

2011-2012 Supporters

Dr. Deborah H. Ayer
Mrs. Janice Asher
Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Bailey
Dr. Jason Crosby Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Balaban
Dr. Istvan Bardi
Mr. Aaron Bauer

Dr. David G. Bederman
Ms. Malika Begum
Dr. Theodore George Bell
Ms. Kathy Bennet
Benefits Operations
Bennell Racing
Mrs. Jeanne Besser
Mr. Mark W. Bloss
Mrs. Cindy Bray
Ms. Grier Bray
Dr. Bradley A. Bringgold
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Brooks
Mr. William Brosius
Mr. Aaron A. Brown
Mr. Aaron B. Brown III
Ms. Amanda Gayle Brown
Mrs. Amanda Zadroga Brown
Mr. Joseph M. Bruso
Ms. Judy Campbell
Mr. Mark Click
Dr. Colleen A. Conley
Ms. Rebecca Conley
Mr. Thomas Connor
Mr. Jared Wiley Davis
Ms. Emma Deavours
Ms. Kristen Dermody-McKeen
Mr. Jame Dermody-McKeen
Dr. Ruwini D. De Salvo
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Eakes
Mr. Michael Eche
Elnes Marketing
Ms. Madeleine K. Evans
Mrs. Margaret Kidder Evans
Mr. Martin Frederic Evans
Ms. Margaret Ewen
Ms. Jane Farrell

Ms. Martha A. Foster
Mrs. Deborah J. Gardner

Ms. Madeleine Gardner
Mr. Gregg Garfield
Mrs. Holle A. Gilbert
Mrs. Alice Goldberg
Mr. Richard J. Goldberg
Mr. David Greenwald
Ms. Rosalie Gross
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Ms. Miriam P. Hall
Ms. Deborah Hawkins
Dr. Geyne E. Hawkins
Ms. Diane Helms
Mr. Michael David Hofmayer
Mrs. Laura Horwitz
Mr. and Mrs. John Howard
Mr. Matthew Howard
Mrs. Catherine M. Howett
Mr. and Mrs. Yungyi Huang
Mrs. Suman Jain
JLB Energy Group International, LP
Ms. Fran Jonas
Ms. Irene Kofsky
Dr. Jeffry P Koplan
Ms. Jessica Kung
Mr. Edgar Landerman
Mr. Arthur Radford Laney
Mrs. Berta R. Laney
Dr. James T. Laney
Mrs. Joan Laney
Mr. Hugo Leenders
Mrs. Julie Leff
Dr. Vic A. Liepkalns
Ms. Jennifer Lightner
Ms. Claire Litchfield
Ms. Tara Mann
The Marcus Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Allie Marguiles
Mr. David Marguiles
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Marguiles
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Marguiles
Mrs. Hannie Massuger
Ms. Ashley McCormick Schmon
Mrs. Marie McCormick Schmon
Ms. Kylee McKeen
Ms. Sara McKeen
Mr. David McMahon
Ms. Kelly McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. George Moffat
Ms. Kylee Moffat
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Moffat
Mr. Omuaro Nzerern
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oetter
Mrs. Catherine Olson
Dr. Cynthia B. Patterson
Dr. Nancy M. Philips
Mr. Alan B. Pinkerton
Mrs. Barbara Polaski
Dr. Regina A. Pyke
Mrs. Laura Remissong
Mrs. Christine Rifkin
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Rifkin
Mrs. Eunice M. Rojas
Mrs. Christine Louise Rutlen
Dr. David L. Rutlen
Mrs. Allison L. Sacks
Mr. Tom Schrey
The Schuyler family
Mr. Zachary Schuyler
Mr. David Silverstein
Ms. Laurie Simms
Dr. Dwayne V. Smith
Mrs. Joy Smith
Mrs. Joy M. Spangler
Dr. Jane T. St. Clair
Summit Media, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Supciak
Mr. Paul Dean Surbey
Mrs. Ann Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sweeney
Mrs. Joan Tanenhaus
Mr. Harry Thurmon
Mr. Mark A. Tipton
Ms. Teresa Tracy
Trinity Building, LLC
Trinity Medical Clinic, P.A.
Dr. Jesse Harrison Turner
Mrs. Terri Lynn Valenti
Mr. David A. Vansanford
Ms. Kristin N. Veker
Mrs. William Weinberger
Mrs. Cynthia Wichman
Dr. John L. Williams

44th Street Dental

2008 Supporters
Mr. Istvan Bardi
Mr. Aaron Brown
Ms. Ruwini Desilva
Ms. Madeleine K. Evans
Mrs. Margaret K. Evans
Ms. Deborah J. Gardner
Mr. Genye E. Hawkins
JLB Energy Group International, LP
Ms. Berta R. Laney
Dr. Vic A. Liepkalns
The Marcus Foundation, Inc.
Mr. David L. Rutlen
Ms. Allison L. Sacks
Ms. Marie McCormick Schmon
Mr. Dwayne V. Smith
Ms. P. Dean Surbey
Mr. Mark A. Tipton
Trinity Building, LLC
Mr. David Van Sanford
Mr. John Williams

2007 Supporters

Dr. Deborah H. Ayer
Mr. Cyrus Nathaniel Beasley
Prof. David J. Bederman
Mr. Theodore George Bell
Ms. Kathy Bennett
Mrs. Jeanne Besser
Mr. Mark W. Bloss
Mrs. Margaret Kidder Evans
Ms. Martha A. Foster
Ms. Holle A. Gilbert
Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Mr. Michael David Hofmayer
Mrs. Catherine M. Howett
Mrs. Suman Jain
Dr. Jeffrey P. Koplan
Mr. Arthur Radford Laney
Dr. Vic A. Liepkalns
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown Moore
Dr. Cynthia Patterson
Dr. Regina A. Pyke
Mrs. Eunice M. Rojas
Ms. Ashley McCormick Schmon
Mrs. Joy M. Spangler
Summit Media, Inc.
Mrs. Terri Lynn Valenti

2005 Supporters

Ms. Kaitlyn Beisecker

Mr. Ted Bell
Mrs Gayle and Mr. Aaron Brown
Ms. Amanda Brown
Drs. Henry and Maxine Epstein
Ms. Jan Kapral
The Keating Family

Mr. John Robin Lollar
Ms. Heather McCaffrey
Dr. Justin G. Miller
Mr. Bruce Grohsgal and Ms. Joan Weinryb

We also wish to acknowledge the generosity of the following families and individuals from 1999 to 2004:

Gary Barton
Dr. William Maas
Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Butler
The Patel Family
Jane Campbell
William Pories
Doug & Peggy Curran
Lee & Susan Reeves

Linda & John Dyson
Michael Scott
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Goodman
Dr. Michael Shiff
Mr. & Mrs. Grohsgal
The Shinsato Family
Rob & Mary Henrikson

The Swartzberg Family
Diane Humphreys
The Turner Family
Sue & Tom Hunter
Pearl Tompkins
The Hirst Family
Bob & Christine Wachs
Joseph M. Kim

David & Jean Walters
The Landrigan Family
Robert S. Walters
Dr. Janis Letourneau
The Williams Family
James Lindsey
Larry & Gail Wolfe

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