Our History


      Emory University Crew was founded in 1990 as a club sport. Paul Moore and Melanie Brown (’92) as well as Jason Steele (’95) were instrumental in the inception of Emory Crew. When it began in 1990 it was composed of only 5 or 6 rowers. In the beginning the team rowed at the Chattohoochee River in Roswell, Georgia. In 1992 the team moved to Stone Mountain Lake. Only 15 minutes from campus, the lake is situated in Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park. Originally the team rowed off a beach on the lake, but in 1994 they moved to the space the team is now located. The team continued to store their boats on their trailer until in 1997, with the support of the University, the team procured land within the Park and constructed the Jason Steele Boathouse. Since then, the team has grown in numbers and is continuously working to expand their fleet of shells.

     Today Emory Crew consists of over 70 dedicated athletes and an experienced, dedicated coaching team which includes a former National Team Member and a Former Olympic Bronze Meadalist. Emory Crew continues to compete and place in top level national regattas including bringing all three of their boats to the final heat at the 2011 Dad Vail Regatta.

     Emory Crew has given several athletes the start to continue on to compete on a national level. The first national athlete from Emory Crew came from the original 1990 team. Cyrus Beasley, class of 1995, raced his Men’s 1x in the 1996 Olympics. Later, graduating in 1999, Sarah Hirst became the first Emory female athlete to be selected for the Olympics in any sport and raced her lightweight Women’s 1x in the 2000 Olympics. Eric Koep, another notable athlete who graduated in 1999, raced a lightweight M2- in the 2001 Olympics and is today competing as a professional cyclist.

     As Emory Crew continues to grow and expand the support of the University and Emory community has become increasingly important. Without the support of Stone Mountain, Emory Faculty and Staff, Family and others in the Emory community Emory Crew would be unable to continue expanding and progressing through their vision of success for the Emory Crew Family. Thank you!


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