Annual Head of the Pumpkin and Christening of ‘The Joy’

The Head of the Pumpkin may not be the most prestigious regatta of the season, but there’s no doubt it’s the most fun to watch. Dressed in hilarious halloween costumes, the inter-squad regatta consists of a 6k race across Stone Mountain Lake. The Varsity Teams fielded 8+s while the novices put out four novice eights and two novice fours. Coach Jordan also competed in his single. Staggering start times ensured the sharp turn in the middle of the race was full of excitement and the finish would be tight. By the end the novice women’s first eight won the race, and the novice men and varsity men took second and their respectively.
After a well-deserved team barbeque Coach Jordan and Coach Joy distributed the prizes: coveted gold, silver, and bronze pumpkins. Later the couple christened the varsity women’s new shell, named ‘The Joy’ in honor of Coach Smith. Accompanied by baby Elle, champagne was poured over the boat.

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