Emory Crew is administered by an elected board of members. Weekly board meetings are open to all.

2014-2015 Board

President Vanessa Gutzeit
Vice-President Sarah Howard
Treasurer Caitlin Brennan
Secretary Tommy Connor
Assistant Treasurer Paige Hogen
Fundraising Chair Tori Constantine
Assistant Fundraising Chair Jordan Newnam
Alumni Relations/Public Relations Chair Jerry Yen
Recruitment Chairs Bari Fuchs
Ryan Seitter

2013-2014 Board

President Kaleb Swanson
Vice President Jen Margulies
Treasurer Liz Pinkerton
Secretary Vanessa Gutzeit
Assistant Treasurer Catilin Brennan
Alumni Relations/Public Relations Chair Tommy Connor

2012-2013 Board

President Gabby Arondel
Vice-President Kaleb Swanson
Treasurer Christian Bray
Secretary Devan Elmore
Assistant Treasurer Elizabeth Pinkerton
Fundraising Chair Vanessa Gutzeit
Tommy Connor
Alumni Relations/Public Relations Chair Tommy Connor
Recruitment Chairs Sarah Howard
Michael Sacks

2011-2012 Board

President David Silverstein
Vice-President Nora Kenty
Treasurer Harrison Goldberg
Secretary Ali Brooks
Assistant Treasurer Christian Bray
Fundraising Chair Gabby Arondel
Kevin Huang
Alumni Relations Chair Will Aubin
Recruitment Chairs Jen Margulies
Grace Veker
Kaleb Swanson
Public Relations Chair Devan Elmore

2010-2011 Board

President Ben Carr
Vice-President David Silverstein
Treasurer Remy Weinberger
Secretary Rebecca Conley
Assistant Treasurer Harrison Goldberg
Fundraising Chair Matt Lenert
Alumni Relations Chair Carson Van Sanford (spring)
Andrew Remissong (fall)
Recruitment Chairs William Aubin
Jane Farrell
Equipment Manager Michael Finnell
Public Relations Chair Nora Kenty

2009-2010 Board

President Will Bringgold
Vice-President Allison Macdonald
Treasurer Ben Carr
Secretary Andrew Remissong (spring)
Meghan Ewen (fall)
Assistant Treasurer Remy Weinberger
Fundraising Chair William Aubin
Alumni Relations Chair Carson Van Sanford
Recruiting Chairs Alexandra Brooks and Will Eye
Equipment Manager Michael Finnell

2008-2009 Board

President Will Bringgold
Vice-President Jared Davis
Treasurer Darrel Douglas
Secretary Claire Evans
Fundraising Chair Joey Krakowiak
Recruiting Chair Igor Radovitskiy

2007-2008 Board

President David Hofmayer
Vice-President Madeleine Gray
Treasurer Will Bringgold
Secretary Tessa Laney
Fundraising Chair Chris Rutlen
Igor Radovitskiy

2006-2007 Board

President Allison Cook
Vice-President Eszter Bardi
Treasurer Jared Davis
Secretary Kanwei Li
Fundraising Chair Tessa Laney

2005-2006 Board

President Brad Nowack
Vice-President David Hofmayer
Treasurer Madeleine Gray
Secretary Kanwei Li
Fundraising Chair Ryan Powell

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